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Quick Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 Tutorials

Recently I have been start working on jBPM, while I was learning jBPM 3, I heard the jBPM 4.0 first release after its beta and get attention.

While exploring jBPM 4.0, it feels much better and stronger to implement a BPM solution with so much powerful features of jBPM 4.0

The jBPM 4.0 release has not gone unnoticed and many Java BPM passionate developers  published their articles, how to get started with jBPM 4.0 I have also found some good & to the point jBPM 4.0 articles and now sharing with you. I will publish my own article after learning and implementing jBPM 4.0

Joram Barrez whats-new-series
jBPM4 Hello World
jBPM4: What’s new?
jBPM4: What’s new (part 2)?
jBPM4: What’s new (part 3)?

Jeff Yu published a great jBPM 4 intro in 3 parts:

Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 – (Part I )
Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 (Part II)
Getting Started with jBPM 4.0 (Part III)

Bernd Ruecker published a jBPM 4 showcase:

Ein kleiner jBPM 4 Showcase (In German)
English translation

Andries Inze published a demo on the Spring integration:

Spring jBPM4 CR1 Demo

JBPM 4 Installation  Tutorial:
JBPM 4 Installation Tutorial by MasterTheBoss

Do not forget to view The Official jBoss jBPM online documentation is much worthy.  Now jBoss jBPM 4 have separate user docs and developer docs.

jBPM 4 User Guide
jBPM 4 Developers Guide
jBPM 4 API Javadocs
jBPM 4 schemadocs

The next post I will try to publish, Integration of jBPM 4.0 with Eclipse, MyEclipse, jBoss and Tomcat.

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